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1. Product Head
2. Naught Windsor
Product Head

Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard (of Guided By Voices) are the

Product Head

7-inch vinyl (SBR44/EJRC075)
A. Product Head (3:55)
B. Naught Windsor (3:10)

Product Head
"Product Head" comes from the forthcoming follow-up to 2003's Mist King Urth which is called Waving at the Astronauts.

Produced by Doug Gillard and Travis Harrison
Made at Serious Business Music, NYC.
Original artwork by Robert Pollard.
7" comes with free download.
This release is brought to you by Serious Business in association with Ernest Jenning Record Co.

The weird and wirey post-punk chugalug "Product Head" inhabits the A-Side and Bob's words are brilliantly off the deep end. Here is a taste. "Facial blasts and soft gels barely make it / cougar mouth and game man rarely fake it." Prepare yourself. The non-album B-Side is a hard-driving Gillard power-pop instrumental with a mysterious Pollard vocal contribution.
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"Robert Pollard and Doug Gillard have reunited and emerge here with all new material for their project Lifeguards. Their last collaboration dates back to 2003 with the solid Mist King Urth but this 7" is a preview of the forthcoming full length Waving At The Astronauts, that is due in February. "Product Head" is the addictive Side A track, that has a propulsive post punk undertone that never slows in its almost 4 minute running time, as Pollard hits you with his tempo keeping lyrics that, as always, stimulate thought, such as the lines "Product head - with your radar reaching like a comet; Product head - spitting up your whitest ice cream vomit". The non-ablum B Side is the rocking Gillard driven and mostly instrumental "Naught Windsor" that includes some Pollard yeah yeahs coming in at the very end. Pollard and Gillard consistently have always been a great match and nothing you will find here will disprove that statement. This 7" release will get any fan geared up for the Lifeguards sophomore full length, as it is definitely already on our radar watch for 2011."
The Fire Note

11.9.10 "It's no secret that Bob Pollard's muse was forged during the era we know now as "classic rock," but his latest single, by his group Lifeguards, really hints at this. The two songs here are the most Stones-like that I've ever heard from Pollard and bandmate Doug Gillard. "Product Head" is built on a rift that sounds a lot like "Street Fighting Man" and "Gimme Shelter." The B-side, "Naught Windsor" is a late 70s-era style instrumental boogie, with a slightly disco rhythm (!!) that reminds me of "Miss You" and, oddly, Animotion's 80s hit, ' "My Obsession." Has Gillard a sweet-tooth for 80s synth-pop? Who knows...but this single is the promised hint at a new album, to be released in February. These two songs are catchy and killer, and promise great things! JOSEPH KYLE
Dagger EZine