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1. Right Makes Might [MP3]
2. Long Shot [MP3]
'Right Makes Might' / 'Long Shot'

The first in a series of digital only singles from DZUSA: the bi-coastal party-time super-partnership. "Right Makes Might" is dance-floor candy with a heart. "Long Shot" is glorious information overload. Two jams stuffed with sound and only available as digital downloads.
Digital release date: November 6th, 2007. DRACULA ZOMBIE USA - Right Makes Might / Long shot by seriousbusiness

Will Schachterle: making of blippity bleeps and flippidy doo-das, also vocals and writing
Travis Harrison: drumming, bass, engineering and mixing
On "Right Makes Might" -
Rebecca Roses Harrison: lady vocals
On "Longshot" -
Danielle Pickett - lady vocals
Brian Kantor - bass
Also featuring dopest artwork ever made: by Karthik Pandian. Click here to see the record cover in glorious 1000X1000 detail.