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1. Kickstart Theme Song [MP3]
2. Harmonica [MP3]
3. Cat & Mouse
4. Nothing At All
5. Stagger Lee
6. Let It Ride
7. Waste of time
8. Bouncey
9. Fuck Paul and Dance
10. El Diablo
11. Rosie

NYC rock n roll, in the mind’s pie of rock n roll geography, got pegged with the darts of style— just pretty boys playing crafty songs—while other cities gained the rep for real rock. This is just not true. NYC is the original gutter. Down there you’ll find bands that play rock n roll from the gut. This is Kickstart. Kickstart makes their mark with strength of heart, not style. In 11 scuffed gems of rock n roll proclamation, Eric and company put every scrap of themselves on the table and let it ride in three minute bursts. The gravel voiced singer spits tales of a well-worn life, love gone bad, moments of transcendence and bouts with the bitter truth. This is rock n roll music with soul. No preening, no makeup, no lies. They say the truth can you set you free, but when it comes to you blasting over the speakers like an anthems of survival, the truth not only sets you free—it kicks you in the ass as you walk out the door. Play this record loud.

"Kickstart plays raw and relentless barroom brawl music. Frontman Eric Strickler lights up each anthemic number with gravelly vocals and guitar licks to match."

"Non-pretentious traditional three chord and the truth punk rock played to the hilt is what this NYC trio Kickstart amplify on their 11-track self-titled offering. Placing punk back in the gutter with full force is what this act accomplishes, with dashes of Joe Strummer, Mike Ness, and Johnny Thunders hovering around each sneering vocal and infectious hook located in "Harmonica" and "Nothing at All". Streetwise and raw, this one is for the most hardened of punk heathens yearning for more than a fancy haircut and preposterous posturing."
Mike SOS - 3:16 Productions

"Should be called Kickass! This guy sings like the dude Joan Jett!"

"NYC has turned out some great rock & roll over the years and Kickstart is no exception. When their 2007 debut made it’s way to my desk it was like finding a jewel in the rough. Amongst a stack lifeless, uninspired music laid this CD and as I pulled it out and put it in my player, I hoped for a ray of hope and upon hearing “Kickstart Theme Song” I was hooked. When bands have “theme songs” it can really be a cheesy thing but this is a great way to introduce you to the band and what kind of world they occupy. I can almost picture an audience of Kickstart fans pumping their beers in the air and chanting “Rock & Roll is never easy” along with the band.

Kickstart’s sound is something familiar and at the same time some very comfortable. Lead singer/guitarist Eric Strickler packs all the energy and attitude of Mike Ness and Joey Ramone and delivers it with an energy and attitude that is all his own. While not affraid to wear his influences on his sleeve, Strickler’s songs are modern day old school punk Rock & Roll anthems. Bassist Fletcher plays with reckless abandonment yet manages to hold down the fort playing in a fashion that is similar to Lemmy from Motorhead, serving at times as a rhythm guitar more so than a bass. Drummer Mary Gatlin is the solid foundation that drives the whole thing home as she pushes the songs and really puts them out in the listeners face.

As a band, Kickstart is an anthem machine. When listening to songs like “Stagger Lee” and “Harmonica”, you can practically smell the stale beer, sweat and whiskey soaked breath of a tiny, dark hole in the wall. Before I knew it, the album was over with and I had to listen to it again just be sure of what it was that hit me. It was like getting hit head on by a fun, melodic freight train. Next time that train comes by, grab on and hold on for one hell of a ride."
the Great Southern Brainfart