May 21, 2012
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At Littlefield on May 26, 2012, the collective of songwriters and musicians who rally under the proud banner of SERIOUS BUSINESS RECORDS will mount the third in a series of themed rock and roll revues, with this installment billed as a celebration of the music of and about our fair metropolis, New York City, from the Brill Building to the Bowery, from the lights on Broadway to Rockaway Beach.  

The program of entertainment for will span two extended sets, drawing from both the vast original catalogs of Benji CossaHigginsRocketship Park and The Unsacred Hearts and a meticulously curated syllabus of NYC classics spanning a century.  Contributing extra spice to the gothamized brew of rock and pop will be a special coterie of musical guests including Sammy James Jr of the Mooney Suzuki and Mike Dossantos (the Realistics) as well as a post-revue NY dance party. Visuals will be overseen by Brooklyn artist Kara Smith.


TIME OUT NY says, "Serious Business, a local label devoted to the dying art of unpretentious guitar pop and other handmade styles, stages a family-style revue featuring mix-and-match personnel, lovingly chosen cover tunes and more."


Revue III

LITTLEFIELD (622 Degraw Street [map] Brooklyn, NY 11217)
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HIGGINS are old pals who mine the fertile wells of the classy rock. The grooves are slow-burning and good-feeling. The playing is expert and soulful. There are layers of delicious melody tucked in every sophisticated crevasse. Songman Kevin Fish and drummer Brian Kantor have been around since the turn of the century in some form or another, playing with friends and co-conspirators like Josh Kaufman and Billy Filo, trolling Jersey, Long Island, or the 5 boroughs. Their newest record called Straight A's is out now on Serious Business. On this record Syffal expounds, "Kevin Fish might be a fucking genius...He is masterful...It is a damn near perfect indie pop album."

BENJI COSSA, King of Song, makes sincerely beautiful homemade pop with roots. Mad-genius charm and other-worldly singing endow his direct, joyful, richly detailed songs. His massive vault of 4-track home-tapes have become legendary. His more recent studio recordings for Serious Business include Benji Cossa and the Tightens and the forthcoming II, a thematically focused 35-song double-LP pop marathon. Benji is a master of multi-layered Brill Building song-craft, but he presents it through his own uniquely and exquisitely skewed lens. His friends and loved ones have been compiling their best-loved Benji songs on a lovingly curated series of free mixtapes called Favorites.

ROCKETSHIP PARK is masterminded by a multi-instrumentalist, song-man, producer, vocalist, and auteur by the name of Josh Kaufman. A busy side-man with credits including recent work with Bob Weir, the National. Dawn Landes, Doveman, and too many more to list, Mr. Kaufman makes work as Rocketship Park with an ear towards community and aural beauty. His most recent album Cakes and Cookies was described by Pop Headwound as "deceptively intricate folk-pop ... as delicious as advertised – seemingly effortless songs revealing layers of carefully arranged sound on close listen – banjos, trombones, strings, pedal steel, etc..homespun, unaffected melodies that sound like old friends."

THE UNSACRED HEARTS: Formed in 2003, NYC rockists The Unsacred Hearts rose from the wreckage of teenage dreams, abandoned garages and naive knockoffs to make a visceral, poetic, original noise. While the band made their bones on ultra-distilled rock and roll, weird chords and wild live sets, they always led with the heart. Loud and fast, yes, but the sonic boom was just the straightest line to the truth.With the release of their strangely beautiful second record called The Honor Bar, the Hearts move a bit further down that line. Rhythmic, romantic, poetic, and still peculiar, The Honor Bar evokes the city of New York itself or, rather, the city resounds in The Honor Bar. The maelstrom and beauty of the city comes across in the sparse, unerring beats, the stark instrumental phrases, the myriad voices in whispers and shouts. Webs of sounds, words and images -- all traffic on the Bowery and midtown sky scrapers -- juxtapose with the sweet intimacy of the fire escape and 2AM walks down solitary side-streets. The constant voice is that of Joe Willie, more poet than singer, with a voice that only implies melody, and words, though littered with the everyday, reach for the grand themes of commitment, friendship, loss and love.

"You have to love a record label that isn’t driven by profits, hipness, or some misguided attempt to capture and define a style. New York-based label Serious Business is a label of love." Tim Sendra, AllMusic Blog


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