July 29, 2010

THE PAPARAZZI and THE TWO MAN GENTLEMEN BAND Stop By BreakThruRadio's Live Studio Show (Recorded at Serious Business Music).

NYC based internet radio institution BreakThru Radio recently welcomed two of our bands onto their long running BTR Live Studio show. Both of these sessions happened at Serious Business Music Recording Studio (which I recently finally started a Facebook page for) and were presided over by me, Travis.

THE PAPARAZZI Erik Paparazzi assembled Ward White (acoustic guitar / sweet ass harmony vocals) , Craig Smith (drums), Adam Chilenski (bass and vocals) for this very special session. Erik, a noted guitar slinger and bass man, decided to focus on piano for this session, which was a treat because he is the consummate musical bad-ass. He so infrequently assembles a live incarnation of Rococo record, a piano redux of old Paparazzi mainstay "Zanzibar," and a handful of new tunes which will get you salivating for the next Paparazzi record which may not emerge for a while but will be worth the wait. Interspersed throughout Erik talk's to Maia McDonald about Rococo's cover art, the spirit of the Beatles and his time playing with Cat Power and recently with Bambi Kino.
Listen to the Paparazzi's BreakThru Radio Live Studio appearance here.

00:00 BTR Live Studio
00:57 Zanzibar
04:24 Epic Proportions
08:48 Interview
16:06 Late or Later
20:19 Rosebud
22:49 Interview
26:27 And Away We Go
31:19 Interview
36:09 The Rococo
37:53 Wave Wave Away
41:36 Interview
43:43 Any Other Way

BTR stopped by the studio while Andy Bean and the Councilman were in the midst of recording their 6th and finest LP, the unforgettable mono experience that is ¬°Dos Amigos, Una Fiesta!
. Hear a sneak preview of the album on this show, along with typically hilarious banter from these kings of retro Vaudevillian olde-time music. Fans of the Gentlemen's furious live shows will be delighted to hear their trademark fast-paced routines in all their glory here.
Listen to the Two Man Gentlemen Band's BreakThru Radio Live Studio appearance here.

00:00 Two Man Gentlemen Band
01:06 Wine, Oh Wine / Franklin Pierce
13:13 Interview
14:07 I Like to Party With Girls
16:33 Interview
20:37 Leisure Class
22:57 Interview
24:45 That Gentle Stomp
31:14 Chocolate Milk
34:18 I Already Have a Dance Partner
36:54 Interview
38:39 William Howard Taft
41:30 My Baby's Off the Market


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