February 22, 2010

Video from Josh Kaufman & Nate Martinez Residency

Thanks to everyone who made it out to last Thursday's show at Sycamore. It was something to behold. The Garden continues to grow this Thursday, when Josh and Nate are joined by Dan Brantigan, Mark McAdam, and Bryan Devendorf (The National).

Enjoy these videos from last week. First, Rocketship Park's "See You," filmed by Bernie Dechant

And here's a vid of the group's cover of "Save Me a Place" from Fleetwood Mac's Tusk. Last week's lineup was as follows: Brian Kantor, Kevin Fish, Lauren Balthrop, Dawn Landes, Annie Nero, Mike Brown, Karen Waltuch, Eric Jackson, Nate Martinez, Josh Kaufman. It was dark in there so you can't see much. This was a very special night of music:


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