February 01, 2010

THE OCTAGON Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever -- Kind Words

The new Octagon record Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever has been making the rounds on some of our favorite music blogs. Below are just a couple of awesome snippits--if you're in the mood to take a gander at the Complete Collected Works of The Octagon Press Volley: January 2010 edition, please go here and scroll down a bit.

"Recommended to all who love kinda dark, kinda scuzzy, definitely melodic indie rock."
Brooklyn Vegan

"Raw yet pervasively warm and wise, it’s the kind of record that reminds you just how poignant lo-fi indie rock can sound."
Time Out NY

"It is with highest compliments that I describe opening track 'Suicide Kings' as like a lost tape from the Alien Lanes (1996) sessions" Coke Machine Glow

"I'm fully subscribing to the new record by the Octagon, an LP with sixteen crunchy numbers like these, brambled, messy and sincere.
Said the Gramophone

The Octagon: Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever
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