November 13, 2009

Extra Business: Unsacred Hearts' "Fortunate Son," New ARoss Video.

For years, there have existed tapes, certain mythical tapes, rumored to contain Unsacred Hearts outtakes and rarities. Though collectors and opportunists have mercilessly sought them, they have never surfaced in the public doman...until now. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you, the Unsacred Hearts' rendition of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic FM radio staple, Fortunate Son. The band put this cover together for an RNC Not Welcome benefit show back in July of 2004 and this recording is a rehearsal take. Andy Ross is on the bass...(more on him below).

DOWNLOAD: The Unsacred Hearts: Fortunate Son (rehearsal July 24, 2004) [320 kps MP3]


Speak of the devil. Serious Business Co-Founder-turned-rock-star Andy Ross has a scorching guitar solo in the new OK Go song. The video is something to behold, and we present it to you below. Once again, this is just one take, ladies and gentlemen.


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