Kickstart [SBR12]
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Sexy, gutsy and irresponsibly loud, Kickstart have been together since 2003, playing contagious bare-basics rock and roll that gives you the chills. Legendary DJ/scenester/artist BP Fallon describes the band as carrying "the true heart of rock'n'roll in their collective chests." For Kickstart fans throughout New York and the UK nothing could be closer to the truth. This band exudes authenticity, and they boast the fuck-all attitude, sound and most importantly, the songs to back up BP's claim.

The songs are written by gravel-throated singer/guitarist Eric Strickler. As a 6 year old, Strickler, the son of nomadic 60s-hippies-turned-70s-Christian missionaries, was dumb-struck by images of Otis Redding on the TV, sweaty and possessed at Monterey. At this pivotal moment, terrified and captivated by Otis' frenzy, his fate was sealed. Strickler's sensibilities are deeply rooted in classic good-stuff, from Otis to Hank to the Misfits, and his voice is equal parts Howlin' Wolf, psycho-Elvis and Jon Spencer. Every song he writes is an anthem.

Making anthems ain't easy. Lucky for Eric, his bandmates are specialists. Mary Gatlin thrashes her drums with precision and a perennial sparkling smile. Fletcher holds down the bass rumble with egoless panache. Both offer loyal "ohhhhs" and "yeahs" and backing roars. The sound of the band, like so much great rock, is a runaway freight train. On stage, they are primal, dangerous, undeniably fun. On record, they are all this and more, unafraid to explore uncharted sonic territory, aiming to find a permanent home in your rock-lover's heart.

Kickstart is releasing their Serious Business Records debut on June 19th. They will continue to tour, drink considerable quantities of Bushmill's and hustle your ass at the poker table in support of this release.
"Kickstart ...sound like the Misfits if they watched more Charles Bronson and John Holmes than Bela Lugosi flicks. The lead singer had a distinctly sleazy voice a la The Cramps"
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