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Man In Gray
Man In Gray
Man In Gray plays noisy, whip-smart indie rock with one pretty guitar, one ferocious guitar, one punk bass, and one jackhammer drummer. Screams and whispers from Tina rise above the mayhem like a lightning rod, drawing it all together. With songs about shock, awe, and why February 14th is dumb, Man in Gray turns familiar post-punk sources into something entirely new. Even as they play heart-racingly hard and fast, they never sacrifice precision or the pretty parts. Their live show is a wake-up call for the bored, the jaded, the tired, the arms-folded mopers. It's an enthusiastic soundtrack to mayhem, careening from sharp pop harmonies to violent, sweaty rock. A little dancey, a little trashy, yet somehow always classy.

Man in Gray enjoys: the Pixies, Mission of Burma, Sleater-Kinney, the Secret Machines, the Thermals, Brooklyn, long walks on the beach, going to their friends' gigs, and reading books about the inadequacies of the Whig Party prior to The Civil War. Their favorite drink is more scotch.

After issuing two acclaimed EPs on Serious Business, the band dropped their full length debut on June 19th, 2007.
“There’s a cacophony folded neatly into each of Man In Gray’s edgy punk songs... The female-fronted Brooklyn five-piece evokes Sleater-Kinney, Karen O, and a slew of new wavers, but stands firmly on its own 10 feet.” - The Village Voice

“[Tina DaCosta has] one of the most satisfying shrieks in rock.” - The Village Voice

“Man In Gray [is] a Brooklyn band that spans the space between rock and pop with grace. Tina [DaCosta], the singer, is the gem of Man In Gray, bringing all the elements together.” – The New York Press

“Great punky influences and a knack for conveying emotions through wired guitars.” – Time Out New York

“Tina DaCosta’s tart and commanding vocals —- comparable to ladies fronting That Dog, Letters To Cleo, Sonic Youth, Romeo Void, Pylon, or The Avengers, depending on her tempo, though her stage presence might be closer to Karen O’s -— give these Brooklynites a rare everyday believability. Four boys behind her do an intricate post-punk forward- motion-with-spaces blur. Extremely promising.” - The Village Voice

NYC Indie Explosion: This is an interview piece in The Continental, Hamilton College's student paper, describing how Man In Gray exemplify the the proud struggle of making the rock and roll in the big city. Read it here.

"1. And Man in Gray, well, Man in Gray fucking destroy. Enough said. They brought the harDCore out in everyone in the crowd, busting eardrums and speakers along the way. Frontwoman Tina DaCosta was so impressive as she battered away that we think we saw the walls sweat. For reals.
2. Scream, scream, scream, beat, beat, beat, stop, breath, breath, scream, scream, destroy. This is what goes on in your head when you are trying to figure out how to best describe one of New York City's best kept post-punk-destructo secrets, Man in Gray. The group, piling guitar on top of guitar on top of drums (lots of fucking drums) and helmed by the pout, yelp and scream of frontwoman (and battering ram) Tina DaCosta, create the kind of bed of noise and reverb and chug that we here at the culture of me would never shy away from laying in..." -The Culture Of Me