Jack and the Pulpits [SBR24]
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"Dance Area"

Francypants [SBR38]
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Jack and the Pulpits
Josh Kaufman and Annie Nero, young and in love, sing sweetly and play like angels. Their two sublime EPs collect three concise, beautiful and poetic pop tunes each, recorded in the comfort of the home. Organs, whistling and tambourines shake up the walls of your heart. Flawlessly constructed, these little melodies will become immaculate staples in your ears.

-Josh also performs with Rocketship Park, Higgins, Dawn Landes, Caithlin De Marrais (formerly of Rainer Maria), the Homophones. He was the producer of several tracks on the 2nd Secret Dakota Ring album.
-Annie performs with Ladystein and El May and the Bandana Splits.
-Together they perform with Balthrop Alabama and Benji Cossa and also Mary Mulliken and Rob Burger.
-A previous collaboration between Josh and Annie was The Mansfields which featured Bryan Devendorf and Geoff Mann.

drawing by Michael Arthur

This video was shot in Memphis. Josh and Annie sing "Dance Area." Enjoy!
"...all crazy good and stuff"
Michael Arthur, Just Drawn That Way

"File Under: Angelic indie-pop"
The Music Slut